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DN100 Neodymium Bullet Magnet - Bullet Magnet FeaturesThe neodymium bullet magnet you are examining has inlet and outlet connections in DN100 dimensio..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
Customized Size Rod Magnet with Bakelite Handle, 304 StainlessWe customize the connection shapes and thicknesses of the bar magnets for an exact fit i..
4,250.00 TL Ex Tax:3,541.67 TL
Over Conveyor Magnet Separator for Food CompaniesThis plate magnet with neodymium magnets is specially designed for use on conveyor belts with a lengt..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
Scrap Lifting/Carrying MagnetsThe scrap transportation magnets we produce are portable. It collects small amounts of metals on the ground in your work..
4,798.80 TL Ex Tax:3,999.00 TL
Demagnetizer - EDM 68 DemagnetizerThe demagnetizer device you are examining is a domestic production and is completely our own production. This handhe..
16,000.00 TL Ex Tax:13,333.33 TL
Portable Metal Collector Magnet, Ø90 mm, Length: 220 mmWith this portable pull-and-drop hand magnet for metal picking, you can easily attract practica..
590.00 TL Ex Tax:491.67 TL
DN200 Sleeve Type Grid Magnet Separator - 150°C ResistantOur N35 magnet separator product with high temperature resistant DN200 inlet outlet, complete..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
Where is Twin Plate Magnet Neodymium Used?Plate magnet, also known as sheet magnet, is generally used by food companies. This twin plate magnet is sui..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
DN50 - 2” Inlet Outlet Magnetic Filter with Nipple and Sleeve FeaturesOur magnetic filters are designed to remove metal particles and dust from your p..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
Drawer Sleeve Type Magnetic Separator for Granulated Sugar Factories - BRC and HACCP Food Compliance CertifiedThis drawer barrel type magnetic separat..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL

Magnet Types and Prices

Magnet types and prices are of great interest for people who need them in various fields. There are many different types of magnets on the market with features suitable for every need. Especially today, there are many people who can easily access affordable price guarantee and quality magnet options through our website.

Magnet Prices

We know that strong magnetic magnets are used in our daily lives, in our homes and in many industrial areas. They are widely used in factories, electronic devices and homes.

We attract attention with our wide range of products and user-friendly interface design on our website. With our 100% customer satisfaction principle, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a brand. On our site, which offers a safe, fast and easy experience in online shopping, you can reach all types of neodymium magnets suitable for your needs from a single point.

All Types of Magnets

For those looking for magnets in Istanbul, you can come to our store and see all our products. You can easily reach by typing "Magnet AVM" in Google Maps. You can also get information about our products by calling by phone and you can examine all magnet types in our store.

Magnet Types

Super strong magnet types and prices are waiting for you on our website. All our products are available in installments by credit card. You can find all kinds of products including round, square, cylindrical and disk magnets. Our sales staff will offer you the best support in our store. We have a wide range of products from pot magnets to hole magnets, from sea magnets to missile magnets.

Turkey Magnet Company

Our company, located in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey sells all types of magnets. If you are looking for a magnet seller in Istanbul, you can easily reach our store via Google Maps. Our company located in Kavakpınar Mahallesi Koruma Sanayi Sitesi will offer you the best support.

Strong Magnet Prices

Powerful magnet types are now widely used in every home and workplace. Our online shopping site, which gets full marks from customers in terms of price and quality performance, is an e-commerce platform on the way to branding in its field. Our site, which offers the best price guarantee in magnet types, thus continues its activities as a quality company that appeals to customers' budgets and responds to every need in the best way.

Buy All Magnet Types with One Click!

You don't need to think about where to sell magnets. From the moment you enter our website, the highest quality, most reliable and most useful industrial magnet types on the market are offered to you.

In order to provide the fastest service with the advantage of always up-to-date stock, our company ensures that your products reach your hands in the fastest way by shipping your orders you place until 16.00 on the same day.

Our online sales site, which sets out with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction, has been continuing its customer-oriented service since its establishment. It is preferred by many people and institutions due to the advantages it provides in terms of product variety.