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Ø20x33 mm Pin Pot Magnet

Ø20x33 mm Pin Pot Magnet
Ø20x33 mm Pin Pot Magnet
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGKP3
Category : Neodymium Pot Magnets
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20x33 mm Long - Deep - Cylindrical Rod Neodymium Pot Magnet - Pin Model

Neodymium magnets are distinguished from other magnets with their high gravitational force and are preferred by many companies and firms with these features. Pot magnet types are made more durable by coating with different materials depending on the area of use. You can find neodymium magnet types in cube, block, disk or cylindrical format on our website. This diversity makes magnets suitable for different areas of use. Our magnet coatings are as follows:

  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Zinc
  • Tin
  • Silver

Please contact us for the type suitable for your needs.

The coatings of the pot magnets we produce do not tarnish and do not fall off.

Pin Pot Magnet Types We Produce

The list below contains the catalog dimensions of the pin pot magnets we produce. You can contact us for your special magnet orders in different sizes. You can also benefit from discounts on your wholesale magnet orders.

Derin Silindirik Pot Mıknatıs Ölçüleri
Stock No D d H h Watt Weight
mm mm mm mm Kg N Lbs g
MGKP1 10 4 28 20 2.4 24 5.3 13
MGKP2 16 5 28 20 9 90 20 31
MGKP3 20 6 33 25 13 135 30 61
MGKP4 25 8 45 35 19 190 42 133

Pot Magnets by Quality and Grades

Sintered NdFeB magnets are powerful permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. NdFeB magnets are known as the strongest magnets available. However, their low maximum temperature resistance can cause neodymium pot magnets to oxidize quickly. Therefore, you should carefully determine the temperature at which the magnet you are considering purchasing will be used and choose the magnet accordingly. The table below will help you in your selection of deep and long pot magnets.

In the table below, you can see the grades, qualities and maximum temperature resistances of the magnets. You can order N35, N42 and N52 pot magnet grades.

Degree Quality Br (KG) Min-Max HcB (KOe) Hci (KOe) Bhmax (MGOe) Min-Max Tmax
N N35 11.8-12.2 ≥10.9 ≥12.0 33-36 80C / 176F
N38 12.2-12.6 ≥11.3 ≥12.0 36-39 80C / 176F
N40 12.6-12.9 ≥11.4 ≥12.0 38-41 80C / 176F
N42 12.9-13.3 ≥11.5 ≥12.0 40-43 80C / 176F
N45 13.3-13.7 ≥11.0 ≥12.0 43-46 80C / 176F
N48 13.7-14.1 ≥10.5 ≥11.0 45-49 80C / 176F
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