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Ø25x190 mm Neodymium Rod Magnet - 7500 Gauss

Ø25x190 mm Neodymium Rod Magnet - 7500 Gauss
Ø25x190 mm Neodymium Rod Magnet - 7500 Gauss
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-CU-63-P2
UPC : 506101067015
Category : Rod Magnets with Bolt Connection
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7500 Gauss Very Strong Neodymium RodMagnet - Double Side with Screw Holes

Product Description:

This very strong neodymium bar magnet with a bar diameter of 25 mm and a length of 190 mm is used for metal separation (separator), especially in the food and plastic industries. By separating metal parts in food and plastic, it ensures clean and safe products. These magnets prevent metal parts entering the machines from damaging the devices. Our products are made of materials in accordance with food standards and are delivered as certified.


  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Length: 190 mm
  • Magnetic Strength 7500 Gauss
  • High Attraction Power: It is made of neodymium magnets, so it easily attracts very small sized metal powders and parts.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Our products are manufactured as corrosion resistant.
  • Production: It is a domestic production and can be produced in desired sizes and gauss power.
  • Handle Options: Bakelite, aluminum or stainless steel handles are available.

Usage Areas:

  • Food Companies
  • Ceramic Industry Areas
  • Soda and Mineral Production Factories
  • Bora Production Factories
  • Stone and Marble Production Factories
  • Gum Production Factories
  • Wheat and Flour Production Factories
  • Lime, Gypsum and Cement Production Factories
  • Glass Production Factories
  • Chemical Production Factories
  • Plastic Granule Production Factories
  • Packaging Machines
  • Plastic Grinding Machines
  • Spice Production Factories
  • Pulses Production Factories
  • Sugar Production Factories
  • Textile Factories

These powerful neodymium bar magnets can be safely used in various industries thanks to their high attraction and durability. The quality and performance of our products make your production processes safer and more efficient.

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