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900x200x45 mm Neodyum Plaka Mıknatıs

900x200x45 mm Neodyum Plaka Mıknatıs
900x200x45 mm Neodyum Plaka Mıknatıs
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-PL-28
Category : Plate Magnets
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Special Size Neodymium Magnetic Plate Production

We produce special magnetic plates for male or female connection holes. Our products are produced from food grade and stainless materials. It is manufactured in desired dimensions and sizes.


  • Food Compliance: Products are food safe and stainless.
  • High Gauss: Very strong magnets.
  • Tightness: Produced as leak-proof so as not to absorb water.
  • Usage: It is used to separate dust particles and can be used easily in aqueous and humid environments.


  • Compliance with Standards: Produced by local engineers in accordance with food standards.
  • Food Safety: Food contact surfaces are covered with stainless material and comply with food standards.

These magnetic plates are a reliable and effective solution in various industrial and food applications.

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