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AC Vibrators

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What is an AC Vibrator?

An AC vibrator is a device that works with alternating current (AC) and produces mechanical vibrations. It is generally used in industrial applications, material handling and transportation processes. AC vibrators work with an electromechanical system and convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy. These devices are mainly used to ensure the settling of materials such as concrete and mortar, to remove air pockets in casting molds and to homogenize various materials.

The basic working principle of AC vibrators is that alternating current vibrates an electromagnet. These vibrations are transmitted to the surface to which the device is attached and help materials become more uniform and compact. Widely used in the construction industry, AC vibrators are indispensable in concrete pouring processes to increase the compaction and durability of concrete.

They are available in different sizes and power options, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Lightweight and portable models are available for small-scale jobs, while more powerful and durable models are preferred for large industrial projects. The effectiveness of AC vibrators is determined by parameters such as vibration frequency and amplitude, making them a flexible and useful tool in a wide range of industrial processes. Their durable construction and easy maintenance make them ideal for long-term use.