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Flexible Magnets

Certified and Printed Magnetic Doormat - Excluding Stainless PartsSpecifications:Dimensions: 1000x600x3 mm (1 meter x 60 cm x 3 mm)Thickness: 3 mmMaterial: Ferrite, flexible magnetUsage: Suitable for food companies, used as an underfoot magnet for entrances to hygiene rooms or secure clean environme..
2,499.00 TL Ex Tax:2,082.50 TL
1000x600x2 mm Food Safe Magnetic MatThe 1000x600x2 mm magnetic mat is suitable for food companies and is used as an underfoot magnet. It is placed on the floor at the entrances to hygiene rooms or secure clean environments and attracts the metals under the feet.This magnetic mat is 2 mm thick and ha..
3,118.80 TL Ex Tax:2,599.00 TL
Magnetic Mop Magnet - Food CertifiedOur magnetic mat product, which is especially demanded by food companies, is presented to you as Gauss certified. This report, which you can easily present in inspections, is prepared with our TUBITAK and TURKAK authorized special devices. The thickness of our pro..
2,758.80 TL Ex Tax:2,299.00 TL
Hygienic Room Mop Holder Magnet - BRC, HACCP CertifiedOur hygienic room mop magnet is 3 mm thick and made of high quality materials. Specially designed for food companies and clean rooms, this product provides effective attraction of metals underfoot. The photos are of the product itself and emphasi..
4,198.80 TL Ex Tax:3,499.00 TL
Soft Natural Magnet - 430x250x1.5 mmThis natural magnet is 1.5 mm thick and cut to 250x430 mm. It is suitable for the manufacture of refrigerator magnets for relatively heavy objects, as well as for the production of vehicle magnets, magnetic signs and magnetic panels.Specifications:Dimensions: 250x..
149.00 TL 169.00 TL
Ex Tax:124.17 TL
Label Magnet, Write-Wipe Ribbon, Flexible MagnetThe flexible magnet you have examined is cut to size and ready to use. You can write and erase with whiteboard pens on this strip magnet, so it can also be used as a label magnet.Ribbon Magnet FeaturesEn: 30 mmLength: 100 mmThickness: 0.5 mmTotal: 50 p..
0.00 TL Ex Tax:0.00 TL
Flexible Sheet Magnet - Ferrite Magnet (1 Piece)Our sheet magnet product is 430x250 mm in size and has a thickness of 1.5 mm. It is used in various panel productions, in the production of gift magnets and as a vehicle magnet.Specifications:Dimensions: 430x250 mmThickness 1.5 mmMaterial: Ferrite magn..
149.00 TL 169.00 TL
Ex Tax:124.17 TL
Soft 1.5 mm Thickness Sheet MagnetThis 1.5 mm thick sheet magnet is cut to 430x250 mm. It is suitable for the manufacture of refrigerator magnets for relatively heavy objects, as well as for the production of vehicle magnets, magnetic signs and magnetic panels.Specifications:Dimensions: 430x250 mmTh..
286.80 TL 319.00 TL
Ex Tax:239.00 TL
Stainless Protected, BRC and HACCP Certified, Food Safe Magnetic Mat (600x500x30 mm)Stainless magnetic mat, which is our special production, is produced in the sizes you want in accordance with food companies. This magnetic mat provides foot cleaning by placing it on the special area floor. Metal pa..
10,200.00 TL Ex Tax:8,500.00 TL
Ferrite Flexible Ring Magnet 220°C90 mm outer diameter, 80 mm inner diameter and 3 mm thick, this round flexible ferrite magnet is ideal for your special projects. The intended use may vary according to your projects. As we mentioned in the images, the magnet has a flexible structure.This flexible m..
100.00 TL Ex Tax:83.33 TL
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Flexible Magnets: Varieties and Prices

Flexible magnets manage to attract the attention of users with their type and features. These magnet types surpass many magnet types in terms of strength and features with their special structures. Flexible magnets are products that are very simple and practical to use. The products on our list attract great attention and sell quickly due to their quality and usefulness. Due to this intense demand, they may be out of stock in many places. However, you can find this product quickly and practically on our site and buy it easily.

By logging in to our site quickly, you can browse the flexible magnets section and buy easily. This type of magnet ensures that your machines are cleaned from metal parts and dust particles, thus protecting the health of your machine. Thanks to its stainless and leak-proof features, it serves food companies and factories for many years. The comments and feedback from people who use the product on our list are very positive. This type of magnet, which does not cause any problems and never loses its attraction power, is highly appreciated by users. If you want to have a flexible magnet type, you can find the product on our site and buy it quickly.