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Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic Chip ConveyorMagnetic chip conveyor is used in CNC and milling machines to transfer the chips taken from the material from the machine to the outside. Thanks to the magnets, ferromagnetic chip waste is transported to the desired distance and discharged into the waste bucket.Magnetic Chip Co..
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Types of Magnetic Conveyors

Our company specializes in magnetic systems and offers various magnetic solutions for conveyor belts. One of these solutions is magnetic conveyor systems. These systems, which separate the parts such as metal, nails and screws in the products passing over the conveyor and direct them to a different area, operate electrically and motorized. Since permanent magnets are used, magnets do not require any extra power, electricity is only supplied to the motor.

Automatic Cleaning Plate Magnet for Conveyors

The self-cleaning magnetic plate magnet placed on the conveyor belts catches the metals passing underneath. This fully automated system disposes of the collected metals in a different area. Hanger type magnetic plates are more effective in large tonnage product flows. It is very difficult to separate metals with manpower in the fast and intense product flows of plastic and scrap companies. These automated magnetic systems collect all metals into a separate hopper without the need for manpower.