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Powder Magnet - 200 grams

Powder Magnet - 200 grams
Powder Magnet - 200 grams
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Model : MGK-TM-1
Category : Round Ferrite Magnets
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Magnet Properties

What is a Powder Magnet? What is it used for?

A powder magnet is a structure in which ceramic ferrite magnets are present in powder form. Such magnets are composed of components such as iron oxide and lead oxides and are known as ceramic magnets with a hexagonal crystal lattice shape.

Examples include Strontium Hexaferrite, BaO6Fe2O3 and SrO6Fe2O3.

Uses of Powder Magnets:

  • Experimental Studies: Powder magnets can be used in various experiments in laboratory environments.
  • Sticky Magnetic Paste Production: These powders are preferred in the production of adhesive magnetic paste.
  • Magnetized Material Production: It can preferably be used in magnetized materials.

Powder magnets have a wide range of uses in different fields and play an important role in research and production processes.

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