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Special Design Electromagnets

Electric Magnet - 250x75x55 mm Rectangular ElectromagnetThis electric magnet has a 50% working principle, when energized, it has an attraction force and when the power is cut off, it releases its attraction force. This electromagnet has a very high pulling power and is widely used in various transpo..
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Rectangular Electromagnet Customized Design - Special for ShipyardsThis shipyard electromagnet is specially designed to carry welding robots. Measuring 500 mm in length and 300 mm in width, this very strong rectangular electromagnet has been made extremely durable by coating the outside with steel. ..
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Ø135x90x35 mm Round Very Strong Electromagnet Summary:This 135 mm diameter, 90 mm inner diameter and 35 mm height electromagnet is designed to meet your transportation needs. It can be used in your works such as covers, pipes, boxes and provides great convenience in your work areas.The transport fun..
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Special Electromagnet Types and Prices

Our online sales site continues to be with you for all your magnet needs. With our understanding of providing reliable and quality service since the day we were founded, we also offer electromagnets in special sizes to our customers. In this way, you can find the opportunity to shop according to your needs and with special opportunities for you.

Pot magnets are among the most widely used magnet types in the market for various fields and purposes. In general, these pot magnet models are produced in certain standard sizes. Although pot magnets in standard sizes often meet the needs sufficiently, in some cases special sizes may be required. In such a case, it is sufficient for our customers to contact us for special size pot magnets.

Magnets, which are frequently needed in daily life, are produced in special sizes in line with your demands and without compromising quality standards. Many people prefer our company because we respond to your special size needs quickly and effectively. Since magnets play important roles in various systems, we attach great importance to quality standards. For this reason, it will be extremely beneficial for you to choose a reliable address in special size manufacturing.

You can contact our company immediately and send us your special size pot magnet needs. You can review both standard and special size electromagnet models on our website and find the most suitable products for your needs. Our professional team is always ready to meet all your demands.