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Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation

Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation
Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation
Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation
Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation
Ø1000 mm Electromagnet for Rebar Transportation
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-E-6
Category : Scrap Electromagnets
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Rebar Handling with Electromagnetic Magnet

The electromagnetic magnet you are looking at is ideal for scrap removal and transportation. With a diameter of 1 meter and a height of 25-30 cm, this magnet has a very high attraction power. It can be safely used for operations such as rebar, scrap, heavy metals and sawdust extraction. You can contact us for your special size requests. It is also frequently preferred in heavy and high volume lid, pipe and box transportation processes.

This product, which is used in test devices, takes a different command after a certain period of time after lifting the sample and releases the sample back. It can also be used in sheet metal transportation. Although they are small, they have a high gravitational force. Our electromagnets are waterproof and have voltage capability at DC 24v-48v levels. Electromagnets are produced in the desired diameter and size and have a lifetime of 500,000. Operating temperature is between -10°C and 100°C.

Electromagnet Usage Areas:

These magnets we produce can be used for the following purposes:

  • Robot Hand Projects: Electromagnet use.
  • Automation Projects: Electromagnet integration.
  • Special Production: Special production electromagnets.
  • Welding Electrode Transportation: Use in welding processes.
  • Welding Robots: Electromagnets suitable for welding robots.
  • Bolt Transportation: Bolt handling operations.
  • Scrap Transportation: Scrap electromagnets.
  • Rebar Handling: Rebar handling operations.
  • Profile Handling: Profile handling electromagnets.
  • Sheet Metal Handling: Sheet metal handling operations.
  • Nail Handling: Nail handling electromagnets.
  • Steel Block Handling: Steel block handling operations.

Our Catalog Dimensions for Large Scrap, Construction, Iron Electromagnets:

You can have information about our products by looking at the table below. Please contact us for production in different sizes than these sizes.

Hurda, İnşaat, Demir Elektromıknatısları Ölçüleri
D mm (Diameter) H mm
Watt (kW) Operating Voltage Weight (kg) Gravity (kg)
For Block Steel
Iron peak for parts For Iron Scrap
For Sawdust
MGK-E-5 800 250 4 220 V 500 6000 300 200 75
 MGK-E-6 1000 260 5 950 8500 500 400 150
MGK-E-7 1250 275 7 1800 15000 900 700 300
MGK-E-8 1300 300 8,5 1900 16000 1000 750 350
MGK-E-9 1500 340 15 3500 30000 1400 1000 500
MGK-E-10 1800 600 22 6500 45000 2500 2400 900
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