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AlNiCo Magnets

70x15x5 mm Rectangular AlNiCo MagnetAlnico is a magnet material composed of an alloy of elements such as aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). The term "Alnico" is derived from the initials of the chemical symbols of the main elements in this alloy.As Magnet AVM, we supply AlNiCo magnets and o..
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Alnico Magnets: Varieties and Prices

Alnico magnets are a very popular and in demand magnet type. There are two different production forms of Alnico magnets: Cast Alnico magnets and sintered Alnico magnets. Cast Alnico magnets have higher magnetic properties compared to sintered Alnico magnets. Alnico magnet types are characterized by their stable structure and high corrosion resistance. These properties increase the durability of Alnico magnets and make them very popular among users. Alnico magnets, which are widely used in many industries such as food companies and well-known factories, do not lose their properties and give excellent results even in high temperature and liquid environments.

Alnico magnets can be used safely for many years thanks to their stainless and leak-proof properties. The stock of this product, which has recently increased in popularity, usually runs out quickly. However, you can still find a limited number of Alnico magnets available on our site. If you are looking for this type of magnet, you can buy these magnets by logging in to our site immediately. The sale of Alnico magnets, which are still in stock, continues rapidly on our site.