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Scrap Electromagnets

Rebar Handling with Electromagnetic MagnetThe electromagnetic magnet you are looking at is ideal for scrap removal and transportation. With a diameter of 1 meter and a height of 25-30 cm, this magnet has a very high attraction power. It can be safely used for operations such as rebar, scrap, heavy m..
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400 mm Scrap Handling Electromagnet - Special ManufacturingThis scrap removal electromagnet has a diameter of 400 mm and a height of 95 mm and has a very high attraction force. It can be safely used for rebar, scrap, heavy metals and wood chips. It is also preferred in heavy and high volume services..
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Transportation, Scrap, Iron Lifting with Electromagnetic MagnetGeneral DescriptionThe electromagnetic magnet you are examining is a powerful transportation tool used in scrap removal operations. It is 1 meter in diameter and 25-30 cm high and has a high gravity. It can be used safely for rebar, scra..
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Scrap Electromagnets Types and Prices

Scrap electromagnets, which are among the electromagnet models commonly used in scrap transportation processes, can be easily obtained through our website. It is very simple to access and order these electromagnet models, which have different sizes and types suitable for different areas of use, from our site. Many people prefer our online sales site, which offers unique opportunities for your needs in the field of scrap electromagnets. On our site, in addition to high quality scrap electromagnets produced in accordance with international quality standards, special designs are also made according to customer demands. Our company, which focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, aims to meet customer expectations in the best way for many years.

By offering a wide range of products in scrap electromagnets, we make it easier to meet the needs arising in every sector from a single source. You can reach round and rectangular section scrap electromagnet models suitable for various areas of use such as electromagnets attached to the crane end, models used in scrap furnaces, electromagnets carrying high temperature slab, ie billet material, and pig and ingot iron transportation systems with a single click from our site. You can visit our site at any time to buy the highest quality and carefully selected electromagnet models in the market with great advantages. You also have the opportunity to make price and performance comparisons of the products on our site, so you can take advantage of the best price advantages. Our company appeals to the budget of many people with its affordable price policy.

By choosing us, you can obtain the most suitable scrap electromagnets for your needs at the best prices and with reliable quality, and increase efficiency in your work. We aim to provide you with the best experience with the wide range of products and customer-oriented service concept offered on our site.