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Sheet Separator Magnets

Sheet Metal Separator Neodymium Plate Magnet - Very StrongThis very powerful sheet metal separator magnet allows you to easily separate your large quantities of sheet metal products and is our own production. Aiming to minimize manpower, this sheet separator magnet easily separates all your thin she..
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What is a Sheet Metal Separator Magnet: A Complete Guide

If you are in the manufacturing industry, you may have heard about the importance of sheet separator magnets. These powerful tools can quickly and easily separate steel sheets or plates, saving time and increasing productivity.

Sheet separator magnets are devices that make your work easier by pulling and separating steel sheets or plates from a pile. These devices create a magnetic field that attracts the top sheet, allowing it to exit the pile without disturbing the other sheets. It is frequently used in industries such as metalworking, stamping and automotive.

How Do Sheet Separator Magnets Work?

Sheet separator magnets work by creating a strong magnetic field that attracts the top layer of a stack to the magnet. This magnetic field, usually created using rare earth magnets such as neodymium, is strong enough to attract the top layer of a stack of sheet steel but does not affect the other layers. When the sheet separator magnet is placed on top of the stack of steel sheets, the magnetic field attracts the top sheet, creating an air gap and allowing the sheet to be easily removed.