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Turkey's Magnet Center - Magnet AVM

Magnets, which occupy a large place in our lives in industry, at home, in phones and computers, are one of the most important products of our time. It has many varieties and many uses. We offer the best and highest quality by conveying all the details about magnets to our customers.

You can find magnets of different types and sizes, which are not available in many parts of Turkey, on our website, 24 hours a day and place an order. When you want to ask any questions or consult, you can reach us via our Whatsapp support line or call us directly from our phone number in the upper left corner. We have been serving for years to be the best in Turkey with our products for which we receive one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Our team working with us on this path conveys all their knowledge and skills about magnets to our valued customers. You can examine the features of our products by browsing our website, and place an order with the add to cart button whenever you want. For safe payment and secure shopping, all your information is stored on our servers and cannot be seen by anyone except you. Apart from this, you can easily make your payments by credit card, EFT and money transfer. You can also quickly become a member with the sign up button at the top right of our site. You can create a quick membership with your Facebook or Google account. When you become a member, you can quickly be informed about campaigns and discounts. In addition, you can easily see and follow the shipping process of your products with your membership. So, it will be more beneficial for you to shop as a member. Almost all magnets are included in the site in detail and all the features of the products are written. You can get information and buy the magnet you want here.

We have been diligently continuing our work on neodymium magnets for years and trying to offer the best quality magnets to our customers at the most affordable prices. We follow current productions by bringing all the magnets that are not available in Turkey from abroad. Our site, which offers every magnet you are looking for and more, is an expert and professional magnet site in its field. Therefore, you can shop from our site without worrying. Moreover, you can buy the magnet you want at any time of the day or night without wasting time. Our address information is clearly stated in the contact section of our website. If you wish, you can also visit us at our address.