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Fishing Magnets

3 mm Orange Rope - Carabiner with Hook - 25 Meters
Orange Color Rope - Suitable for Marine, Fishing Magnets - Carabiner HookThis 3 mm thick orange colored rope is suitable for the sea magnets we produce with carabiners. It is recommended for our sea magnets with a carrying capacity under 50 kg. It can be attached to the sea magnets we sell and can a..
249.00 TL Ex Tax:207.50 TL
Double Sided Fishing Magnet - 360° Attraction, 150-200 kg Attraction PowerDouble Sided Fishing Magnet:The double-sided fishing magnet you are reviewing is made of neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of magnet in nature. This fishing magnet has a gravity of 50-100 kg on both si..
999.00 TL Ex Tax:832.50 TL
100 mm Diameter Ring Marine MagnetThe sea magnet you have examined allows you to collect iron and other metals by throwing them into areas such as lakes and rivers. It can be used both as a hobby and for earning. The ring magnet is made of neodymium magnet and has a pulling power of 250 kg. The prod..
2,400.00 TL Ex Tax:2,000.00 TL
Ø25 mm Diameter Sea Magnet (Fishing Magnet)The sea magnet (fishing magnet) you are looking at is made of very strong neodymium magnet. It can lift loads weighing up to 10-20 kg. This 2.5 cm diameter sea magnet has a thickness of 7.7 mm. You can check our other products for marine rescue magnet optio..
162.00 TL Ex Tax:135.00 TL
D32 mm Diameter Fishing Pot Magnet - Fishing MagnetThe fishing magnet you are looking at is neodymium and has a pulling power between 15-30 kg. The product photo is not representative, it is the photo of the product itself. This fishing magnet can be produced in different sizes according to your req..
210.00 TL Ex Tax:175.00 TL
Ø40 mm Diameter Fishing Magnet - Fishing MagnetThe marine magnet you have examined has a neodymium structure and has high pulling power. It can attract weight between 25-40 kg. The thickness of the magnet is 10 mm. This rescue magnet can be sized according to your requests. Please let us know if you..
238.80 TL Ex Tax:199.00 TL
D48 mm Fishing Magnet - Sea, Fishing MagnetThis D48 mm diameter fishing magnet is made of neodymium magnet and has a high attraction power. Despite its small size, it can attract a weight between 50-75 kg. This fishing magnet can be produced in any size and attraction power you want.Specifications:D..
510.00 TL Ex Tax:425.00 TL
Orange Color Rope - Suitable for Marine, Fishing Magnets - Carabiner HookThis orange color rope is suitable for fishing magnets with its carabiner. It can be attached to the sea magnets we sell and can also be used for different purposes.Usage Areas:Camping: To tie or hang various items during campi..
478.80 TL Ex Tax:399.00 TL
60 mm Marine Magnet - Neodymium Very Strong - 600 kgThis sea magnet with a diameter of 60 mm is made of neodymium and has a high attraction power. This very special sea magnet, which we produce in-house, will push your limits. Push the limits with this legendary powerful sea magnet with a total lift..
3,529.92 TL Ex Tax:2,941.60 TL
Fishing Pot Magnet with D60 mm Diameter Ring - Fishing MagnetThe ring magnet you have examined is made of neodymium magnet and is very strong. It has a pulling power between 90-120 kg. The photos belong to the product itself and the strength of the product has been verified by tests carried out in o..
659.62 TL 824.82 TL
Ex Tax:549.68 TL
70 mm Marine Magnet - Rescue Magnet with HookThis 70 mm marine magnet is manufactured in our own facilities and is not made in China. Our product is made of very strong neodymium magnet and can carry up to 150 kg weight. This ultra-strong sea magnet is designed to be used in places such as sea, rive..
949.00 TL Ex Tax:790.83 TL
Ø80 mm Fishing Magnet - Rescue Magnet with Hook
80 mm Diameter Fishing Magnet with HookThis 80 mm diameter fishing magnet of our production is designed as an extremely powerful neodymium magnet. It has a weight capacity of up to 200 kg. This ultra-strong magnet can be used in magnet fishing hobby activities in water bodies such as sea, river, lak..
1,400.00 TL Ex Tax:1,166.67 TL
Ø90 mm Neodymium Magnet Fishing
90 mm Diameter Extremely Strong Pot MagnetThe 90 mm diameter fishing magnet, which is our own production, is made of high power neodymium magnet and has a bearing capacity of up to 200 kg. This ultra strong sea magnet can be used for magnet fishing hobby in sea, rivers and lakes. This special magnet..
1,750.00 TL Ex Tax:1,458.33 TL
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Fishing Magnets: Types and Prices

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