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Brass Pot Magnets

Slatted Brass NdFeB Neodymium Pot Magnet FeaturesOur product, brass pot magnet with lamella, is a special production and has an oval hole in the center. This 32x40 mm brass pot magnet can be produced in customized sizes and gravity. These products are made of brass material containing neodymium magn..
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Slatted Brass Pot Magnets: Varieties and Prices

Our website, which has a wide range of products in the field of magnet types, offers products that appeal to every budget and need. For this reason, it draws attention with its wide product range in the field of brass pot magnets with slats. It is enough to browse the category and get information from the product details to find the model that suits your needs. Made of brass material, this type of magnet is ideal for use in various fields. It is actively used in areas such as fixturing, fixing, molding and especially manufacturing.

Brass pot magnets with slats are generally offered for sale in standard sizes throughout the market. On our site, you can access magnet models in standard sizes with a single click. There are brass pot magnet models made of stainless steel or zinc coated steel material according to your preferences. Thus, you can quickly make the most suitable choice for your needs and order immediately.

Our stocks are regularly updated to ensure that all sales through our website go smoothly. All orders you place until 16.00 during the day are shipped on the same day and delivered as soon as possible. Our online sales site, which adopts a customer-oriented service approach, gets full marks from our customers with its product variety and price performance quality.