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380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory

380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory
380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory
380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory
380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory
380x380 mm Magnetic Grid Magnet For Food Factory
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-EL-35
Category : Square - Rectangular Grid Magnets
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Magnet Properties
Material Specifications

150°C Resistant Neodymium Grid Magnet for Food Companies

These neodymium sieve magnets stand out with their high corrosion resistance and stainless steel coating. Coated with AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel materials, which are preferred by food production companies, these magnets have high gauss values and can be produced with drawers.

Product Specifications:

  • Stainless Steel Coating: Coated with AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, which provides high resistance to corrosion.
  • High Gravity: Made of very strong neodymium magnets with high gauss.
  • Sealed Design: Fully sealed for use in liquid-interactive environments.
  • 150°C Resistance: Resistant up to 150°C for food companies.

Areas of Use:

  • Dust and Metal Particle Cleaning: Ideal for cleaning or separating dust and metal particles from your products or food.
  • Liquid Interactive Environments: Thanks to its impermeable structure, it can be easily used in environments that interact with liquids.

Order Information:

  • Size and Availability: Please check the stock status before ordering and specify the desired dimensions.
  • Temperature Information: It is important to specify the temperature in the area to be used, magnets used in the appropriate temperature range should be preferred.

Catalog Dimensions:

  • Rectangular and Square Sieve Magnet: We have rectangular and square sieve magnet catalog sizes in different sizes.

These neodymium sieve magnets effectively clean the metal particles in your products and increase food safety. Please contact us for order and information.

    • Grid Magnet Chart

      Serial Number Dimensions(mm) Number of Rods
      L W H
      MGT 10-10 100 100 30 2
      MGT 15-15 150 150 30 3
      MGT 20-20 200 200 30 4
      MGT 25-25 250 250 30 5
      MGT 30-30 300 300 30 6
      MGT 35-35 350 350 30 7
      MGT 40-40 400 400 30 8
      MGT 45-45 450 450 30 9
      MGT 50-50 500 500 30 10
      MGT 30-20 300 200 30 4
      MGT 40-20 400 200 30 4
      MGT 40-30 400 300 30 6
      MGT 50-20 500 200 30 4
      MGT 50-30 500 300 30 6
      MGT 50-40 500 400 30 8
       Operation Logic
      You can see a representative example of how sieve magnets work in food factories in the example below:

      • Material Flow: Food products pass through the line where the screen magnet is located.
      • Magnetic Separation: During the flow, the products enter the magnetic field of the screen magnet.
      • Metal Particle Capture: Neodymium magnets attract and capture metal particles in the products.
      • Clean Product: Food products free from metal particles continue cleanly on the production line.
      General Usage Areas of Our Magnet Grid Products:
      • Ceramic Industry Areas
      • Soda and Mineral Production Factories
      • Bora Production Factories
      • Stone and Marble Production Factories
      • Gum Production Factories
      • Wheat and Flour Production Factories
      • Lime, Gypsum and Cement Production Factories
      • Glass Production Factories
      • Chemical Production Factories
      • Plastic Granule Production Factories
      • Packaging Machines
      • Plastic Grinding Machines
      • Screen magnets provide high efficiency and reliability in these industries, effectively removing metal particles and improving the quality of production processes.
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