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Ø460 mm Neodymium Grid Magnet for Sugar Factory

Ø460 mm Neodymium Grid Magnet for Sugar Factory
Ø460 mm Neodymium Grid Magnet for Sugar Factory
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Model : MGK-EL-44
Category : Special Design Grid Magnets
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Neodymium Grid Magnet - For Sugar Factory

These neodymium sieve magnets are coated with stainless steel material and have a very high resistance to corrosion. It is coated with AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel preferred by food production companies. Drawer neodymium sieve magnets with high gauss values can be produced according to your needs.


  • Material: AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Corrosion Resistance: High
  • Gauss Value: Very strong magnets with high gauss
  • Production Produced in our own production facilities
  • Sealing: Completely sealed for use in liquid-interactive environments
  • Customizable: Any size and high gauss can be produced

Areas of Use:

  • Cleaning of Dust-Metal Particles: You can use it to clean or separate dust-metal particles in your products and foods.
  • Liquid Environments: It can be easily used in environments that interact with liquids.
  • Food Production: Suitable for food production companies, especially in environments such as sugar factories.

Production and Ordering:

  • Ambient Temperature: If there is a temperature in the area you will use, magnets used at appropriate temperatures should be preferred. Please specify the ambient temperatures.
  • Stock Status: Before ordering the product, please ask for stock availability and specify the desired dimensions.

These neodymium sieve magnets are especially ideal for sugar factories and offer high performance in the cleaning and separation of your products. Our magnets are manufactured in accordance with food standards and provide the highest quality. You can contact us to offer customized solutions for your needs

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