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Ø8x10 mm AlniCo Magnet

Ø8x10 mm AlniCo Magnet
Ø8x10 mm AlniCo Magnet
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8x10 mm 500°C Resistant AlNiCo Magnet

AlNiCo magnet is an alloy of elements such as aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). The name "Alnico" consists of the initials of the chemical symbols of these elements. As Magnet AVM, we supply AlNiCo magnets and offer shipping services throughout Turkey. You can get an offer for your special sizes.

Properties of AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo magnets are characterized by high magnetic resistance, superior magnetic properties and durability. They are widely used in speakers, microphones, electric guitar pickups and various electronic devices. They are known for their ability to generate strong magnetic fields. They can also withstand high temperatures and retain their magnetic properties. However, they produce lower magnetic energy compared to ferrite or neodymium magnets.

AlNiCo magnets can be produced by casting or pressing methods and can be designed in various shapes. Although magnetically strong, they have lost their place in some applications due to the higher performance of rare earth magnets (e.g. neodymium magnets). However, they are still used as a valuable magnet material in some specialized applications.


Our magnets are Gauss certified and certification can be provided for an additional fee upon request. Our company offers Gauss measurement and certification services for all magnetic systems. Magneteksan manufactures magnetic equipment and magnets for many industries such as defense, automotive, public, food, recycling and mining.

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