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DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless

DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
DN100 Bullet Magnet - Complete Stainless
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Model : MGK-FZ-4
Category : Bullet Magnets
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DN100 Neodymium Bullet Magnet - Bullet Magnet Features

The neodymium bullet magnet you are examining has inlet and outlet connections in DN100 dimensions. Our catalog table for the dimensions is given below.

Made of aerodynamically robust stainless steel, these neodymium missile magnets (bullet magnets) are completely our own production. They are used for cleaning food products and can be used as magnets in flour mills and soda factories. It does not prevent the flow of food, on the contrary, it ensures that the materials hitting the magnet splash to the edges.

It is one of the most frequently used magnet types for metal removal processes. Ideal for your powdery products. For example

  • Flour,
  • Chemical plastic,
  • Various foodstuffs (sugar, pulses, seeds),
  • Mineral materials.

Special sizes can also be produced.

The bullet magnet, which is produced as flanged, is mounted between the two pipes through which the product flows, with the magnetized core perpendicular. The body of the magnetic separator and the magnetic core are completely made of stainless steel. When the magnetic core catches the dust, the cover is opened and cleaned manually. Thanks to the distributor compartment on the missile body, the product flows homogeneously into the magnetized body. The missile magnet can be made of very strong neodymium-iron-boron alloy or Strontium Ferrite magnets. Guiders inside the housing ensure that the material is guided as close as possible to the magnet surface, so that the product moves completely within the magnetic field and contacts the magnet.

Assembly and Operation

When the missile magnet is assembled, dry powder or large-sized products should be dropped freely onto the magnetized core. The free-flowing downward products are dispersed by contact with the conical magnet. The metal particles in the product adhere securely to the body of the magnet. The operator manually opens the cover of the missile magnet and cleans the surface of the assembled magnet by hand.

Neodymium Missile Magnet Uses

Missile magnets or tubular magnets are used in many different areas in the industry. The usage areas of neodymium missile magnets are as follows:

  • Food production factories
  • Industrial factories producing powders: Production of raw materials from calcium carbonate and dolomite, production of boron minerals and derivatives, calcite production, hematite production, etc.
  • Industries producing cereals and breakfast foods
  • Seed production enterprises
  • Factories where flour and bread production takes place
  • Factories producing plastic granules and raw materials
  • Recycling sector
  • Ceramic industry
  • Enterprises producing semi-finished products

Missile Magnet Separator Catalog Dimensions

You can decide which of our permanent magnet neodymium missile magnet separator products you want to choose from the chart below. If you cannot decide, you can contact us from the contact section.

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