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Neodymium Plate Magnet with Ear

Neodymium Plate Magnet with Ear
Neodymium Plate Magnet with Ear
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-PL-15
Category : Plate Magnets
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Where is Eared Plate Magnet Used?

Plate magnet, also known as plate magnet, is generally used by food companies. Produced foods, pulses and cereals need to be separated from metals. It is even important to purify liquid foods from metal and metal dust. These metals can get into food products even if you don't want them to. No metal particles should be present in these foods, even in very small sizes. This is where plate magnets come into play.

As Magnet Shopping Mall, we are manufacturing plate magnets in Turkey. You can provide corporate solutions by informing us of your needs.

Other Uses of Magnetic Plate Magnet

Sheet magnet separators are frequently preferred in the food industry. Magnetic separators, which are sealed so that they do not get water from outside, can be used easily in aqueous and humid environments. The surfaces of the magnets in contact with food are coated with stainless material, which does not pose a problem in terms of Food Standards.

When food is processed or produced in the factory, metals in the environment can mix into the line. The best thing to do before packaging is to prevent these mixed metals from entering the packages by using a magnet plate separator.

Other areas where sheet magnets can be used:

  • Bread and Flour factories
  • Manufacturers of sugar powder and sugar cubes
  • Fruit juice producers
  • Fruit puree producers
  • Salt, grain factories
  • Hazelnut, peanut and nut producers
  • Woodworking sector, chipboard, laminate etc. product manufacturers
  • Animal feed, fish, dog, cat feed
  • Mining, ore beneficiation, product cleaning
  • Chemical industry, leather, cleaning, paint, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biomass, solid waste recycling
  • There are magnets used in this and many similar sectors.
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