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Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet

Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
Ø32x100 mm Slatted Rod Magnet
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Model : MGK-CU-54
Category : Rod Magnets with Bolt Connection
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Magnet Properties
Material Specifications

Rod Magnet with Slats, Special Connection, Complete Stainless

We customize the sizes of bar magnets to ensure an exact fit for your factories and special areas. This special purpose neodymium bar magnet is used for metal separation. It is fully food compatible with its stainless structure and is Gauss certified for inspections.

Our magnetic bar magnets are generally used for metal separation (magnetic separator) in the food and plastic industries. It ensures clean products by separating metals in food and plastic. In this way, both food safety and product safety are ensured. Every metal going to the machines can damage the devices; this situation is prevented by this bar magnet.


Our bar magnets are certified by magnet measurement according to BRC, HACCP and other standards.

General Usage Areas of Our Neodymium Bar Magnet Products:

  • Food Companies
  • Ceramic Industry Areas
  • Soda and Mineral Production Factories
  • Bora Production Factories
  • Stone and Marble Production Factories
  • Gum Production Factories
  • Wheat and Flour Production Factories
  • Lime, Gypsum and Cement Production Factories
  • Glass Production Factories
  • Chemical Manufacturing Factories
  • Plastic Granule Production Factories
  • Packaging Machines
  • Plastic Grinding Machines
  • Spice Production Factories
  • Pulses Production Factories
  • Sugar Production Factories
  • Textile Factories

Technical Specifications:

  • Magnetic rod diameter: 32 mm
  • Rod length 100 mm
  • Magnetic flux density: 12000 Gauss (±5%)
  • Operating ambient temperature: Max 80°C
  • Material: AISI304
  • Coating Stainless
  • Type of magnet: Neodymium
  • Magnet quality: N35
  • Type: Slatted
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