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Ø38x14x10 mm Ferrite Magnet

Ø38x14x10 mm Ferrite Magnet
Ø38x14x10 mm Ferrite Magnet
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Model : MGK-FE-47
Category : Ferrite Magnets with Holes
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Magnet Properties

Diameter 38 mm, Inner Diameter: 14 mm, Thickness: 10 mm Y35 Ferrite Magnet

This ferrite magnet can be used in many projects with its perforated ring structure. This black colored magnet can be used in homes, workplaces, experiments and projects, homework. Ferrite magnets are also known as ceramic magnets, coal magnets and oxide magnets. These Y35 quality magnets are made of iron oxide, barium or strontium elements and can operate at temperatures up to 220°C.


  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Inner Diameter 14 mm
  • Thickness 10 mm
  • Material: Y35 Ferrite
  • Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 220°C


  • Economical: Although it has lower pulling power than neodymium magnets, it is more economical.
  • Various Shapes: In addition to ring ferrite magnets, it is also available in shapes such as square and round.

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