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Ø25x5 mm Samarium Cobalt Magnet

Ø25x5 mm Samarium Cobalt Magnet
Ø25x5 mm Samarium Cobalt Magnet
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Model : MGK-SA-6
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Magnet Properties

Diameter 25 mm SmCo Magnet (Samarium Cobalt)

The samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnet, a type of rare earth magnet, is a powerful permanent magnet composed of two basic elements. Samarium and cobalt elements have created this permanent magnet in a very strong structure.

SmCo samarium cobalt magnets are very similar in strength to neodymium magnets. However, it can withstand higher temperature.

Features of Samarium Cobalt Magnets

  • Samarium-cobalt magnets are highly resistant to demagnetization.
  • They are resistant to high temperatures. Maximum operating temperatures are between 250 °C (523 K) and 550 °C (823 K)]; Curie temperatures are between 700 °C (973 K) and 800 °C (1,070 K).
  • They are expensive because of the elements they contain.
  • Samarium-cobalt magnets have a strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • They usually do not need to be coated
  • It can be widely used in high temperature and poor working conditions.
  • They are brittle and prone to cracking and chipping.
  • Samarium-cobalt magnets have maximum energy products (BH max) ranging from 14 megagauss-oersted (MG-Oe) to 33 MG-Oe, i.e. approx. 112 kJ/m3 to 264 kJ/m3; their theoretical limit is 34 MG-Oe, about 272 kJ/m3.


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