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330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row

330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row
330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row
330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row
330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row
330x300 mm Staggered Grid Magnet - 2 Row
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Stock : Sadece Teklif
Model : MGK-EL-56
Category : Square - Rectangular Grid Magnets
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Magnet Properties
Material Specifications

2 Row - Perplexing Magnetic Grid Magnet

Our staggered grid magnet product, which we produce in our own facilities, is completely stainless and corrosion resistant. We have designs with 2+3 bars or more bars. We produce in special sizes that your company will demand. This ferrite magnet sieve, specially designed for plastic companies, is of medium power and not as strong as neodymium. While neodymium sieves of the same diameter have a power between 10.000-12.000 Gauss, ferrite magnets have a power between 4000-6000 Gauss. Please contact us for special sizes for your company.

Technical Details:

  • Number of Bars: 2+3 or more bar designs
  • Material: Stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance
  • Gauss Strength: Ferrite magnets 4000-6000 Gauss, Neodymium magnets 10,000-12,000 Gauss
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 220°C
  • Special Production: Customized sizes and bar ranges for your company

Areas of Use:

  • Plastic Companies: Ferrite magnets are used in the separation of plastic products.
  • Food Companies: Neodymium magnets can be used in the sieving of foods such as flour, cereals, sugar, corn.
  • Separation of Powder Particles: Effective in separating dust particles within the system.


  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel material with high corrosion resistance.
  • Clogging Prevention: Bar gaps are specially drawn and produced in such a way that they do not clog.
  • High Attraction Power: Neodymium magnets offer higher gauss attraction than ferrite-ceramic magnets.
  • Customizable Design: The connection shape can be determined at the design stage according to the request.
  • Sealing: It can be used safely in liquid-interactive environments thanks to its completely impermeable feature.

Special Production Possibilities:

  • Connection Shapes: Connection shape can be determined according to request
  • Tightness: Can be used safely in liquid interactive environments.
  • Domestic Production: This product, which is completely domestic production, offers a wide range of uses.

This staggered magnetic sieve magnet is preferred in many industries, especially in the food and plastic sectors, thanks to its advantages and wide usage area.

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