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Sheet Metal Handling Electropermanent - Permanent MagnetUsed as the lifting section of cranes, electromagnetic type lifting magnets are ideal for transporting steel materials in warehouses and processing workshops. They are also preferred for loading and unloading various heavy metals on machine too..
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Electropermanent Magnet Types and Prices

Electropermanent magnets are offered in different types as magnetic part holders. Electropermanent models with permanent magnets are among the most widely used options in the industry. These devices perform the holding function by trapping the magnetic field within themselves when electricity is applied and do not neutralize the magnetic field without an external release command. Electropermanent magnets, which are generally preferred in machining processes, stand out especially in the field of part processing. Permanent type electropermanent magnets vary in size according to the number of poles. Therefore, it is of great importance to choose the size suitable for the area of use. It is important to remember to get information about the dimensions before ordering from the electropermanent models on our site.

Electropermanent Permanent Magnet Types and Prices

Electropermanent magnet models that you can use safely are offered for sale with affordable price ranges on our site. You can easily order the product with the most suitable size for the width of your usage area and your needs through our website. Our website, which provides 100% customer satisfaction, aims to support you in every field. For this reason, we take care to provide a professional and distinguished service in all the services we offer. Thanks to our affordable price policy, our products also appeal to your budget. By offering a variety of products in many different options within the current stock situations, we serve your needs with the most prestigious product options.

Electropermanent magnets are indispensable tools in modern manufacturing and processing processes. Thanks to their permanent magnet properties, they provide reliable and continuous magnetic retention in your processes. You can review various electropermanent models on our website and easily order the most suitable product for your needs. We also offer professional support for all your questions and needs, prioritizing customer satisfaction.