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40x20x10 mm Y35 Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnet

40x20x10 mm Y35 Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnet
40x20x10 mm Y35 Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnet
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Model : MGK-FE-6
Category : Square Rectangular Ferrite Magnets
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Magnet Properties

40x20x10 mm Y35 Rectangular Ferrite - Ceramic Magnet

This rectangular ferrite magnet is 40 mm long and 25 mm wide. It offers an attraction force of 1-3 kg. Ferrite magnets are composed of the elements iron oxide, barium or strontium and are also known as oxide magnets. These ceramic magnets can withstand high temperatures up to 250°C.

Specifications and Uses:

  • Length: 40 mm
  • Width 25 mm
  • Thickness 10 mm
  • Pulling Power: 1-3 kg
  • Magnet Type: Ferrite (Ceramic) Y35
  • Operating Temp: Max. 250°C

Ferrite magnets have lower attraction power than neodymium magnets, but are more economical in price. These magnets are preferred in various industrial and commercial applications due to their high temperature resistance and economical cost. Besides rectangular ferrite magnets, Y35 magnets are also available in ring, hollow, square and round shapes.

Ferrite magnets are commonly used in areas such as motors, generators, loudspeakers, magnetic separation equipment, sensors and magnetic holders. These magnets are a practical option that you can safely use in your projects with their durable structure and wide range of uses.

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